My Success Story

My name is Sara Buckner

I started off about four years ago with a knee injury and from there it got worse.  I had issues with my hips popping and getting a catch in them so bad that I couldn’t walk.  Then my back hurt all the time after cracking a few ribs.   But even after that healed I was still hurting.   After getting a job where I stood up the whole time my knees, hips and back hurt even more.  Then my mother had been going to Dr. Toney.  She got me an appointment and I started coming twice a week.  After about the fourth visit I noticed a difference.  My back wasn’t hurting all the time and my knees and hips were not popping.   Then after only two months I didn’t hurt at all!    Dr. Toney has helped me out so much and now if anyone says they are having issues with their back, knees or anything I tell them to get an appointment with him! -- Sara Buckner