My Success Story

Rosie Simpson

In the words of Tiffany Simpson mother of Rosie Simpson 8 ½ yrs. old:


The year before coming to Dr. Toney, Rose had bronchitis 5 times in 15 months.  She woke up every morning with a sore throat, chronic cough, and large dark circles under both her eyes.  Her doctor recommended allergy shots.

We tried Dr. Toney because others in our family were patients and had some amazing results.  We brought Rose in February 2012 for her first visit.  When the Bradford Pears bloomed in March she did not get sick (the year before she did every time the season changed). By April, when she would normally be miserable with allergies, she had stopped coughing, her throat was not hurting anymore and her dark circles were gone.

Since, we started seeing Dr. Toney, Rose has not had bronchitis even 1 time. 
She has been antibiotic free since coming into care!  We are so happy we started to bring Rose to Dr. Toney!!   It has made a huge difference in her health.