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Carter Campbell

From the words of Jocelyn Campbell, mother of Carter Campbell:  At age 5 our son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder.  Since Kindergarten he had a difficult time paying attention and focusing in class, which ultimately affected his grades.  As with any parent, or main concern and goal was for him to be successful in school.  We chose to try him on medication that the Dr. had recommended about half way through his first grade year.  For the next two years we struggled with the various side effects that these medications would cause – mood swings, decreased appetite, weight loss, tics (which caused carters mouth to twitch), he was not the happy loving child we knew when he was on the medication.  So my husband and I decided that medicine would no longer be an option.  I had heard about Dr. Toney from a good friend whose son had some similar issues and how much he had helped her family.  I was skeptical at first but just after a few visits