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Carolyn Rankhorn

In the words of Carolyn Rankhorn:  I have been in pain within my left hip since 2006.  I had a total right hip replacement on June 24, 2004.   The doctor said that my left hip was just as worn out, but I didn’t have any pain in it.   But one day I was walking and the left hip grabbed and I went forward.   I started to use a quad cane to keep from falling.   The pain seemed to get worse and I was just about as down as I could go.   Why life if I can’t get better.   I have no insurance – the one I applied for had put a rider on my health problems and I couldn’t afford the $437.00  per month payment.   Even if I could afford it, I really had no coverage.   I decided to go without and just prayed to God that I could  get along until I turned 65 and could get Medicare.

Then I was told about Dr. Paul Toney by Cynthia Pedigo.   She said that he may be able to help me.   I have gone nearly a month to him and my pain is lessening in my hip.  My husband says that I walk better and I am beginning to feel better slowly.  I thank God and Dr. Toney for the help he has given me.   I plan on becoming on a new person for a 64 year old woman.   I thank and praise God daily for my life.