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Brenda Hollingsworth

In the words of Brenda Hollingsworth:  Where to begin?  I have Lupus for 19 years now.  My body has been deteriorating for years.  Before I started with Dr. Toney I had my family Doctor.  My body was shutting down.  My pain was constant, unbeatable.  Joint and nerve pain every day.  I could never say I feel good.  I’m only in my 4th week of coming to The Cumberland Clinic of Chiropractic.  I have no pain.  My energy is back which I had none.  I don’t feel like my life is almost over.  I’m looking forward to a long and healthy life.  My prayer for everyone is to come to Dr. Toney and stop putting your faith in doctors and pills to help your body.  Let Dr. Toney help heal you in the way God intended.  There’s not enough words to explain what this wonderful place has done for me.