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Beth Bouldin

In the words of Beth Bouldin:  I am a hair stylist by trade and a couple of months prior to coming to Dr. Toney’s office I began to have the fear that I wasn’t going to be able to work much longer if I didn’t do something about the pain I was experiencing in my neck and shoulders.   I had been dealing with it off and on for about 10 years.   Just like bad new, GOOD news spreads like wildfire.  There was a new chiropractor in town and he was offering the first visit for $20.  Well, guess what?   That sounded so affordable to me that I called and set up an appointment.   I was a little disappointed when I didn’t receive an adjustment that day.  But I came back and I am still a patient.   I am now able to turn my head to the left and right.  I have full mobility of my neck and shoulders.   This is definitely working for me – and if it can work for me than it can work for YOU!  I am now in the rehabilitation stage of my care.   But if you are reading this please know that there is HOPE in betting better and it is by coming to Dr. Toney’s office.   God is in the restoring business and He wants to restore us to GOOD HEALTH!