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Bernadette Doud

In the words of Bernadette Doud:  At the age of six I was diagnosed with scoliosis, I wore a back brace and eventually ended up having surgery. I now have 2 rods, 13 screws and had some bone fusion done. Although the surgery helped straighten the curves from getting any worse, I still had pain. I started going to Dr. Toney for pain in my lower back, and right shoulder. I would wake up and have to crawl out of bed. After only a few months of appointments I can actually get up in the mornings without pain. Not only do you get relief from the pain and excellent guidance in the strengthen of your body, but you also get excellent guidance in a healthy way of living which goes hand in hand. I must say it's the best decision I have made for being pain free on a daily basis. If you have doubts, please don't and go for it, you will not regret it!