My Success Story

My name is Hilda Holt

I have been suffering with osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, acid reflux, depression, overactive bladder, lack of sleep, and A.D.D.

I had never heard of Dr. Toney until a friend at work invited me to a Tuesday night seminar. I will always be grateful for that meeting and getting started in the treatment program. I thank God every morning and night for the help I am getting, for Dr. Toney, and his great staff.

I have arthritis in all my joints. Every morning when I got out of bed my fingers would be swollen and extremely stiff. I would have to hold my fingers under running hot water until they loosened up. My little finger (left hand) is bone on bone in one joint. If I accidentally bumped my finger, my hand would instantly turn hot and I would have to hold my finger to top the stinging pain.

The arthritis in the lower part of my spine has really limited what I could do. I couldn't bend over very far. I couldn't sit for a very long time without shifting every which way, which made me very self conscious that people were watching me. I am 65 years young and have never been able to do a sit-up. That is one of my goals. Since starting treatments I can bend over and touch the floor. I no longer have to run hot water over my fingers in the morning and I can bend my fingers all the way in and make a fist! My little finger is no longer sensitive to touch. I can hit it hard with my other hand and feel no pain at all. I had to put band-aids on six of my fingers to help protect them from the pain of hitting the register keys while at work. I no longer have to do that. The freedom I now have from the pains of the arthritis is overwhelming to me!

After learning how to do the exercises on the big ball, my lower spine feels loose and free of pain. That exercise has also started to tighten the muscles in my legs.

After my first treatment I no longer suffered with the acid reflux and I quit taking my medication. I haven't had a single episode since. It's great to go to bed at night and not be scared that I would wake up choking again.

I was also going to the bathroom five and six times a night. this also caused me to lose lots of sleep, which then made my depression worse. I now am sleeping better and going to the bathroom only one time during the night. My sleeping habit was maybe two hours at a time and when I tried to go back to sleep, I would be awake for an hour or more. Now I can get five hours at a time and it feels great and refreshing to get up in the morning!

The worst of my problems is depression. I have never admitted to anyone, until recently, that I suffered like I do. When I am around other people or I'm at work or church I act totally different than I do at home. Around others I can hide my depression. At home I feel so lost. It takes a lot of effort to do some of the household work or just enjoy the day. The depression is so bad that I hate to go to bed at night and I hate to get up in the morning. I will stay up at night until I finally make myself go to bed, usually 1 a.m. When I do go to bed or get up, I am crying. I don't want to cry but it's like I have no control over it. On my day off I could stay in bed all day and sleep off and on most of the day. I feel like I'm wasting my life away. I wouldn't go out with any friends. I never visited friends or even relatives, other than my immediate family. It seemed like too much effort to get dressed to go. I would find all kinds of excuses to stay home. Now I try to make myself do things that my mind says not to do. Since God led me to Dr. Toney, my depression is getting better and I have almost quit crying when getting up in the morning. Sometimes at night, if I am really tired from work, I will have to tell myself to not let it get me down. My outlook is more positive now and that makes it easier for me to change problems that might get me down. LIFE IS TOO PRECIOUS TO NOT PROTECT IT.

I also have A.D.D. I take medication for this and with the treatments I am getting, it is helping me to stay more focused, especially at home.

God always knows when the time is right for what He wants us to have and I am so grateful for this being "MY TIME" to improve my life for the better. I feel like a whole new person. I am enjoying my life more now. To be free of so much pain has helped to open my eyes to such enjoyment and beauty all around us.

Since I have started my treatments I want to tell you how I feel. You know how the world looks after a spring rain, crisp, fresh, with the smell of flowers, bright and beautiful. That is exactly how I feel now that my body, soul, and spirit are so free of pain!

Thank you, Dr. Toney, Jana, and Tonya! You all make our visit enjoyable. It is like being around family. I will tell others of your work and the success of getting treatments. I am living proof of the good work you are doing.

Most of all, a grateful thanks to you, God, for leading me to these wonderful people. -- Hilda Holt