KISS Series Videos

Path Principle
Dr Toney discusses the path principle and how our choices determine our health. Health happen by choice not by chance.

Dr Toney discusses an adjunct to the traditional treatment of high blood pressure.

Dr Toney discusses the problem with using high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

Dr Toney discusses the problem with using hydrogenated fats.

Dr Toney discusses the stupidity of using artificial fats.

Dr Toney discusses food preservatives and why most are bad for our health.

Dr Toney discusses the problems with artificial sweeteners.

Dr Toney discusses artificial flavors that are found in our food and why these chemical are bad for us.

Dr Toney discusses artificial colors / dyes added to foods and why these chemicals are bad for our health.

Dr Toney discusses the relationship between sugar and the immune system.

Dr Toney discusses proper shopping at the grocery store.

Dr Toney discusses the problems with caffeine intake.

Dr Toney discusses isolated / fractionated vitamins vs whole food supplementation and why we need supplementation.

Dr Toney discusses the benefits of calcium, the sources and proper supplementation.

Dr Toney explains what omega 3 fatty acids are, the source, why we need them and what are the best supplements.

Dr Toney gives a less than 3 minute clip on how to loss weight.

Dr Toney discusses carbohydrates and it role in obesity, sickness, illness and disease. Dr Toney gives a regimen to lower carbs in diet.

Dr Toney discusses Iodine and to test for adequate saturation of. Dr Toney also briefly discusses problems associated with low Iodine and book titles for further information.

Dr Toney briefly discusses diabetes. Remember that this is a very brief explanation of type 2, adult onset, non-insulin dependent diabetes which is the most common form.

Dr Toney explains what is cholesterol is, the types of cholesterol, the job of cholesterol, the lipid hypothesis, cause of plague accumulation (oxidative stress).

Dr Toney explains what a triglyceride is, what the normal level should be, what causes levels to be elevated, what is the risk of high levels and how to reduce levels.

Dr Toney explains how the brain stem is the master controller of the entire human body.

Dr Toney discusses the problem with drug therapy used to cover up the problem or symptom.

Dr Toney discusses the 3 components to health...MOVE WELL, THINK WELL & EAT WELL!!!

Dr Toney defines and explains what a subluxation is.

Dr Toney explains how subluxation takes place.

Dr Toney explains why putting off the problem (subluxation) is a problem!

Dr Toney discusses the healing principle and why it takes time to heal.

Dr Toney talks about the harmful effects of using deodorant and antiperspirants.